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Master Bow Making Bundle Includes All Gator-Bite Hair Bow Making Instruction Kits plus GripZies!


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Become a master bow maker with our Master Kit! Learn basic to advanced bow making methods that will expand your bow making design options!
Gator-Bite requires no skill or experience. Patented function points and smooths the center for you. Simply clip and tie. That's it! Perfect for anybody who wants to easily make boutique quality hair bows with perfect creases and perky smooth loopy loops every single time!
Why Gator-Bite works...  Gator-Bite's balanced center-line creasing concept is like pleating a skirt, if the pleats aren't right, the skirt doesn't hang right - same with creasing bows. Without balanced center-line creasing, even perfectly formed bows will appear unbalanced, flat or rumpled. Regardless if you cover the center or not, with Gator-Bite, your loops will be perky smooth and loopy every single time! 
Gator-Bite is perfect for beginners... Not only will Gator-Bite securely hold the center for you, its patented function points and smooths the center enabling it to consistently create its unique balanced center-line creasing that makes the loops perky, smooth and loopy every single time!
Gator-Bite works with various ribbons and bow making methods such as, bow makers, templates, hand-folding, surface forming, our rib-bands and magic bows! Make basic to twisted boutique hair bows ranging from 3/4'' and up in width. Gator-Bite works with all types of ribbons and fabrics - tulle, grosgrain, silk, gingham, organza, acetate, double ruffle, wired, layered and more! 
Featuring many bow making methods, free-hand, diy templates, rib-bands, plus more!  With this kit, you will learn basic and advanced bow making methods. And with Gator-Bite's patented balanced center-line creasing function your bows will be perky and smooth!
Includes 1 Gator-Bite, 1 Pack of GripZies! plus password access to our Master Bow Making Kit
Gator-Bite video demo

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